Monthly Archives: January 2014

Welcome to Blacksburg

I’m writing to you now from my apartment in Blacksburg. Thanks to all those who sent me good wishes in my trip down – I had sunny and very cold weather, and no problems other than boredom, and the excitement of almost running out of gas at the New York border. There was a good visit with my friend Yuzi in Pittsburgh along (more…)

Leaving Rochester

A lot of you already know that I’ve gotten a job in Blacksburg, which is in southwestern Virginia. It’s a town of about 42,000 in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and is home to Virginia Tech as well as increasing number of startup-type companies, and lots of outdoor activities. The job is at NewCity, a great little interactive agency with high standards for themselves and for their clients, and a great sense of (more…)

Violin Photos 2

In my quest to get better at portraits with artificial lighting, I decided, at the urging of my photo group co-conspirators, to re-shoot the photos of Tyler with his violin, but with a few changes. Their main complaints had been that the background needed something going on, and that I needed to focus more on the relationship between him and his violin. It seemed that I was close enough on the (more…)

Schum Law Billboard 2

You might remember that back in May I found a billboard in my hometown based on identity work I’d done for a local injury law firm. Well, apparently they are still liking my work, as back in December I freelanced for them again to produce another billboard. It’s a pretty blatant response to their competition’s ad campaign of dark (more…)