Schum Law Billboard 2

You might remember that back in May I found a billboard in my hometown based on identity work I’d done for a local injury law firm. Well, apparently they are still liking my work, as back in December I freelanced for them again to produce another billboard. It’s a pretty blatant response to their competition’s ad campaign of dark contrasty images and pumped-up boxers – especially when you realize the billboard is literally across the street from the competition’s office. I developed a couple of different ideas, one of which I thought was more visually interesting, but they decided to go with this one, probably as it’s more in line with the competition’s existing materials.

Schum Law Billboard 2

Finally remembered to post that picture, as I’ve had it since Christmas. I think it’s incredibly exciting to have work I helped with up on a big billboard on a major street in my hometown!

Also one of the first purchases I’m looking forward to once I’ve started my next job will be a smartphone with a reasonable camera…

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  1. Ariana
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  2. Angus Rockett
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    Nice to see your work on view. Have fun.

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