Monthly Archives: February 2014

NewCity Office

Now that I’ve been at work a few weeks, I brought my camera in to give the other designers a try with my ultra-wide-angle lens. They had a blast! Here are some photos of the office taken mostly by them playing around; a few are also by me. It’s a nice space, especially since they have no problem with people working other places than chained to their desks, so it feels lively. (more…)

First Week of Work

I’ve just finished my first week of designing at NewCity, and you’ll be glad to know it’s been awesome. I’ve been kept surprisingly busy for my first week, working up a style guide for their recently-released work on the VQR, and doing image processing as well as some actual web page design work for an exotic educational project the company is redesigning. That’s been exciting as it involves looking (more…)

DTAH Publicity Art

In moving to Blacksburg, I’ve unfortunately left behind the musical, “Death Takes A Holiday,” that First Unitarian has been working on. They’ve given me some good creative freedom in creating imagery for the show, so I took advantage of that to create what I hope might be something iconic for their production.

I started off with some snapshot reference photos (more…)

Unitarian Universalist Logo Rant

Two of my passions are logo design and UUism. I love reducing an image down to a few strokes or shapes, hopefully one with some clever meaning, and I love the little chunks of typography that go into setting a name in a hopefully unique and identifiable way. I love Unitarian Universalism’s “be excellent to each other” attitude and the passion for making the world a better, more (more…)