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In moving to Blacksburg, I’ve unfortunately left behind the musical, “Death Takes A Holiday,” that First Unitarian has been working on. They’ve given me some good creative freedom in creating imagery for the show, so I took advantage of that to create what I hope might be something iconic for their production.

I started off with some snapshot reference photos of Tyler (“Prince Sirki”) in his uniform jacket, and based on those, I made a line drawing of him in Photoshop, just to sketch things out. Although obviously I didn’t have the capacity to do a real 5-star show poster, I did like the simple elegance of concept shown in something like this. From there I went into Illustrator, to re-render the drawing as vector and start making the lines into flats of color. But here is the poster before color:

Line Drawing of Poster

At this point I was hoping to design a single 8.5″x11″ image that could be printed out on a regular printer – so its proportions were constrained and it needed a white home-printer-style margin. I was particularly drawing from this image I found a while ago on Pinterest, in terms of color and “feel” to some extent.

Starting to rough in color:

Starting on color

Around this time, I sent the image back to the committee, with the usual results. As more content was added, it became clear the frame style wasn’t working, and my attempts at adding more travel poster style gradients weren’t getting anywhere either. I did notice after doing more research, that there seem to be few 1920s posters of people that use that style though, so that was my cop-out.

As far as the amount of content went, I decided the most effective option would be to make one version in black-and-white for print, and a color one for Facebook which would be unrestricted by paper sizes. I’m a fan of DIN standard paper sizes (they’re so logical!), as their proportions look much nicer and they’re easier to design around than American paper sizes. And being as I was the one making this thing, I decided to make it A4 size, even if no one seeing the show would actually be using A4 paper. ^_^


Check out the QR code on both versions there! You know this company is high-tech with its Facebook page and QR codes. I don’t know if anyone else feels that the print version below is really squat compared to the nice poster-like shape of the digital one above? *wishes some more that Americans used DIN paper*


Have no fear, there will be lots more rehearsal pictures when I am better settled in Blacksburg and have the time to go through another 150 pictures or so… In the meantime, those interested in the show can buy them online at ShowClix, or save themselves the site fee and buy from one of the cast/crew.

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  1. Ariana
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    It’s beautiful :)

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