Monthly Archives: March 2014

Back to Rochester

I returned to Rochester for two days (“I’ll be here two days… / Then I will be gone…”) for a reunion with good friends, a visit with the photo group, yarn adventures with Marissa, a sugar maple festival, a church service, and two showings of FirstLight Players‘ Death Takes A Holiday. It was a whirlwind trip but very excellent and much needed now that I’ve been away for two months.

I did get in in time for dinner and the Friday night opening of (more…)

In A Gallery

One of the photographers I did that practice modeling shoot with in the fall is, to my surprise, exhibiting some of the photos at the Image City Gallery in Rochester (very close to Starry Nites cafe) March 25 through April 20, 2014. Apparently my “legs have made it big time,” according to the photographer, Gil Maker. If you feel inclined, stop by and see those photos as well as the great student work being exhibited! I gather there is a reception Friday night. (more…)

Pre-spring Blacksburg

Spring is coming – I wake to find the hills draped in mountain mist, a cloud sweeping by. Thumpy music emanates from my neighbor’s apartment in celebration. The sweet air curls in the window with that cool gray-brown breath of grass not yet wakened from winter, but green is coming. The silent sounds outside, the stillness of cautious birds rejoicing in a welcome to spring (more…)

Five Years!

This is just to say that as of today, my blog is five years old! Quite a feat, I think, for a random personal blog – usually they flounder after a few months, don’t they? Frogtopus is of course quite a bit older, as is It’s crazy to look at my life now and my life five years ago, before the German extravaganzas got underway. So (more…)

Death Takes A Holiday Rehearsals

This is long overdue, but considering I’ve gone through about 500 photos (which is a lot for me), once I got them all selected and processed and up to Facebook, I didn’t feel much like going through them again to pick out a few select photos for my blog. Finally got over that though!

You can see the full galleries from the rehearsals (more…)