Cool Design & Photoshop Downloads

Since starting at NewCity, I’ve found or been introduced to some cool designery resources. I figured I could share them with you!

I love this deviantArt brush, which mimics drawing with expensive Copic markers. And on the Cintiq at my last job, I fell in love with Kyle T Webster‘s high-quality Photoshop brushes – and I’m not even a real artist! They do a great job of emulating real media for a great price.

And speaking of free Photoshop resources, I love this pattern pack of pixel patterns. They’re more geometric and I tend to go to them more often than, perhaps because I can adjust their subtlety in Photoshop myself.

Looking to create custom grids at the click of a button in Photoshop? GuideGuide is a free Photoshop plugin perfect for building something a little more interesting than the standard 960gs.

The League of Movable Type is a club for type designers to release free high-quality typefaces – great for web design! Check out League Gothic in particular. ;) And their family Raleway is so beloved by our creative director here at NewCity that we can’t get him to stop putting it in comps!

2 Responses to “Cool Design & Photoshop Downloads”

  1. Angus Rockett
    | Reply

    I do like Raleway. Maybe I will become a Raleway zombie spreading it throughout my presentations… Uuuuhhhhh … Fooonnnntttttsssssss…. Is that what happens when one gets bitten by a font?

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Raleway‘s a nice typeface, though I wish it had italic version. It would probably be a good one for things like engineering presentations, although remember it probably won’t work for presentations on other people’s computers! Check out NewCity‘s website for some nice usage.

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