In A Gallery

One of the photographers I did that practice modeling shoot with in the fall is, to my surprise, exhibiting some of the photos at the Image City Gallery in Rochester (very close to Starry Nites cafe) March 25 through April 20, 2014. Apparently my “legs have made it big time,” according to the photographer, Gil Maker. If you feel inclined, stop by and see those photos as well as the great student work being exhibited! I gather there is a reception Friday night.


The photos at the gallery

Here are closeups of the photos.

2 Responses to “In A Gallery”

  1. Ariana
    | Reply

    Haha, what a funny comment. I’m glad you have such photogenic legs!

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Yeah it was an odd thing to hear, and quite a surprise to hear this had happened! I definitely learned things from doing this photo shoot back in the fall, and I think there should be more resources for photographers about how one works with a model. Obviously I am not a model except for these sort of occasional practice shoots, but from being a designer, working with stock imagery, drawing models in art class, and being a woman, I’ve gotten to see what a fine line there is between having an artistic vision that you want to execute, and respecting your subject as more than a still life object to rearrange and distribute photos of.

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