Monthly Archives: April 2014

Brownstone Construction

I finally got around to processing the photos I took two weeks ago when a couple of us from NewCity took a tour of the new office site that’s under construction right in the middle of Blacksburg.

Here are our plans for the office in “the Brownstone”: (more…)

Boards & Buds

I went out last week to take photos and get some rare exercise, since the weather was beautiful, with sunshine and temperatures in the 70s. It turns out there is a big field on the hillside near my apartment complex, where there was probably a cabin at one point, but it has long since collapsed into rubble and been overgrown – perfect for photos! (more…)

Congratulations Chelsey!

The past two weeks have been pretty chaotic. After getting back from my weekend in Rochester, the job at hand was getting my head back in Blacksburg, and finishing up preparations to drive to Baltimore for the weekend for the wedding of my college friend Chelsey to her best friend Anna. I was looking forward to visiting some friends for lunch in DC and possibly also in Baltimore, but those plans were curtailed when I got up to Manassas and my car’s engine light came on. :( (more…)