Monthly Archives: July 2014

Back to the ROC II

Sunday was pretty quiet and included a visit to First Unitarian, which was good, if somewhat weird since I’ve been gone quite a while now, and most people were at General Assembly. Otherwise, it was very hot, so there was a trip to cool down at an oddly-juxtaposed gelato shop / African art gallery/store on Park Ave. (more…)

Back to the ROC I

The trip to Rochester was quite an operation, so I’ll break it up into two posts. There were many photos taken. There was a visit to the Jazz Fest, where they play very modern jazz, accompanied by much people-watching and some discussion of racial issues around the Jazz Fest and white people appropriating jazz and things. New York is actually a very segregated state, and you can really see it in Rochester. I also took a photo of a view between some buildings, (more…)

Floyd Artisan Walk

I joined up with my coworker Jenny, developer extraordinaire and her husband Sparky to catch a few hours of the artisan open houses in Floyd County. Floyd is known around here for its hippie artisan flavor, with its old-fashioned Country Store and its large selection of potters, painters, photographers, and crafters of all sorts. (more…)