Civil War Sites

July 4th saw me driving across Virginia towards Newport News for a weekend with my friend Chels and a visit to Colonial Williamsburg. Along the was I made a stop at Appomattox and Petersburg to check out the NPS sites.

In Appomattox itself:

Window glass

At the Appomattox Court House National Historical Park:

Old-timey writing desk
Pastoral America
Appomattox Historical Park
Visitor's Center
Little historical house
Civil War era interior
Civil War breakfast table

I was surprised how quiet it was – I had thought lots of people might feel that visiting historical sites on a beautiful day might be an important part of the patriotism of the 4th of July – but I guess even my family did not do that.


Civil War cannon
Civil War fort remains

I got to Chels’s around dinnertime and we spent the evening watching a girly movie, painting our nails, and drinking wine in our pajamas. It was a pretty awesome sleepover.

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  1. Ariana
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    Reminds me a lot of Anne of a Green Gables :)

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