Monthly Archives: August 2014

Maurice’s Wedding

I’m at the wedding of one of my best friends this weekend and I wanted to give you a taste of what this couple is like. As you may be aware, most of my friends are of the seriously-quirky variety, but you may not know just how quirky some of my friends get. As an illustration, here is the fantasy Maurice sent me of his special day… (more…)

Colonial Williamsburg II

We were pleasantly surprised, after examining hats for a while, to find a period marching band parading down the streets of Williamsburg. Chels provided a very helpful set of extra hands for my second lens while I ran around trying to get good photos of them. I felt a little bad standing right in their marching path, but decided they needed to be used to such things. (more…)

Colonial Williamsburg I

It’s been a little longer than I intended, but some freelance resurfaced and has been taking up a lot of my evenings. When last I left you, I had just arrived in Newport News for a visit with Chelsey on the 4th of July evening. The next day we went to nearby Colonial Williamsburg, and I took enough photos that I will have to break them up into multiple posts. There have been a lot of photos this summer. (more…)