Monthly Archives: September 2014

Charlotte Beach Photos

I was up visiting Rochester at the end of August for some good adventures including singing and yarn-seeking and a pig roast. Took a lot of photos I’m quite happy with at Charlotte Beach along Lake Ontario. The weather was pleasant and sunny, but a thunderstorm blew up while I was taking photos of a seagull out on the pier and a hasty retreat was required. (more…)

Photo Contest Entry

Hey there – I could use some help. I’ve submitted one of my photos (the last one from this blog post) to the GCV&M calendar contest. The contest is being determined by “likes” on the photos. If you have a facebook account and haven’t already, please consider going over to their page and giving my photo a thumbs-up! (more…)

Spirituality vs. Religion

One question that I hear a lot as someone mostly-raised Unitarian Universalist, is “how is spirituality different from religion?” Fortunately having been through the YRUU program, we examined a lot of these sort of questions and compared opinions to help grow our own ideas in the UU “search for truth and meaning.” In fact, I think these two ideas are quite different and it is crucial to recognize they (more…)

Visit to Chicago

As Maurice was getting married there, I made a trip to Chicago. It was a good time to see Ben H, Lillian, and Fred for the first time in quite a while, and I took pictures. I also had adventures with a German woman in Starbucks who wanted to tell me all about her travels and observations on Americans when she found out I spoke German… That was interesting. (more…)