Charlotte Beach Photos

I was up visiting Rochester at the end of August for some good adventures including singing and yarn-seeking and a pig roast. Took a lot of photos I’m quite happy with at Charlotte Beach along Lake Ontario. The weather was pleasant and sunny, but a thunderstorm blew up while I was taking photos of a seagull out on the pier and a hasty retreat was required.

Here’s a first batch of photos from the day. It seemed like a good opportunity to play with some more with a few filters in Lightroom…

Discarded clothing

There was a group of schoolchildren at the beach for a summer program, but otherwise the beach was mostly empty. I liked the contrast of their noisy splashing and enjoyment of the beach and discarded clothing with the otherwise desolate atmosphere. Unfortunately I couldn’t find an attractive enough angle to get them and the barricade in the same frame.

Footprints and seagull

A seagull wandering around near the beach gazebo where I camped out provided good diversion. Unfortunately I was too slow to get a good photo of him in the middle of the footprints, but I did really like this composition when he wandered up close:

Peeking seagull

There was also a pair of very naughty squirrels, who did their best to empty the trash can of its contents onto the lawn.

Naughty squirrels
Naughty squirrel 1
Naughty squirrel 2
Naughty squirrel 3


Charlotte Beach

More photos from Charlotte Beach coming in the future.

Don’t forget I still need a few votes on my photo contest entry to make it among the winners!

2 Responses to “Charlotte Beach Photos”

  1. Angus Rockett
    | Reply

    Nice. I like the one with just the tail in the trash barrel but all are nice.

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Thanks, I saw that squirrel going in and out of the trash can like that and I thought it would be the sort of picture you would want to capture. So I did! :)

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