Visit to Chicago

As Maurice was getting married there, I made a trip to Chicago. It was a good time to see Ben H, Lillian, and Fred for the first time in quite a while, and I took pictures. I also had adventures with a German woman in Starbucks who wanted to tell me all about her travels and observations on Americans when she found out I spoke German… That was interesting.


This eclectic and slightly-run-down window display of an old-fashioned tailor shop caught my eye. The weather wasn’t great, so I tried shooting some photos for black and white.


I just thought this next one was some good, timely marketing considering Stride gum’s target audience…


Just the addition of two single quotes makes the difference, catches the eye, and I’m sure appeals to the adventure-seeking gum-chewers drawn to the cutting edge of legalizations. For my part, I was having fun messing with Lightroom’s post-processing presets.

The wedding Sunday night was fun. There was a brief ceremony for the family and friends to recognize their wedding, and then the rest of the evening was a dinner party with delicious food and lots of alcohol. People were silly.

Measuring Tape

Here is a gif of Maurice and Diana cutting their cake at the wedding.

2 Responses to “Visit to Chicago”

  1. Angus Rockett
    | Reply

    I guess we will have to guess about what the German woman actually had to say, other than that it was an adventure. Nice pics in Chicago and congratulations to Maurice and Diana

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Oh, she just had a lot to say about places she had been (like Hawaii and the Serengeti) and how friendly and polite Americans were. She seemed happy to have an American to speak German to, and it was a little hard to get back out of the conversation. I made my escape once she got on the topic in rather German style of racial and class differences which she was observing in Chicago.

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