Frog-eye Watcher

I wanted someone to watch for frogs with me;
we’d fall into the stars together
which fell shooting all around us.
Who’d sing to the moon and the whisper leaves,
among the mosquitos
the summer rain
and the humid stifling heat

One brave, and kind, and trying-strong—
with listen hearing and open heart witness:
Be battered and broken
damaged like me
but golden inside:
because for us in the hike
the storm’ll be worth the sights we adventure

4 Responses to “Frog-eye Watcher”

  1. Angus Rockett
    | Reply

    Nice poem. I like you poetry.

  2. Ariana
    | Reply


  3. Matt
    | Reply

    I don’t usually like poetry much, but this was an interesting read! Are the words meant to be taken at face value, or do they symbolize something else? (I know precious little about poetry… :D)

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