When dawn broke for us

When dawn broke for us
in a misty dim light
steaming from the swamps
or trumpeting over hills—
It was different for us all.
But I did not
wish the dawn to come:
it would bring noise,
and insight.
So, dark within my room
I hid, woolly-wrapped
beneath my childish pillow.

I would make it never come.

And when for all of us day had crept
up, I kept my curtains closed
And stayed with my books
I did not see
the crops rising with the sun’s light
or the earth warming to its touch
or how others celebrated
together what it brought them.
My books companion were enough
and the noise of day was loud
from behind the shutters.

Then one eve the sun snuck in
and lit where I was praying
so I could not un face it:
but when I saw my through the window
what the others had been talking of
all this time—
it was just a cloudy day.

So now I face East
and wait for that grand
one-day dawn to find me
stealing quietly:
it must come slow,
but this next time
maybe I can face it when it comes.
The sky grows dark;
it ripples with deep-water clouds,
as the sun I never saw sinks
into the gold I do not see
and paints the heavens pink
behind me.

One Response to “When dawn broke for us”

  1. Angus Rockett
    | Reply

    I can see that you are inspired by the view from your apartment. I really like the poem. I hope you can see the sun next time and not be in your books or beneath your pillow.

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