A Couple of Poems

Two poems today, which have been keeping me up at night so I wrote them down. The second one is kind of inspired by some different songs I’ve been listening to recently, kind of blended together to try to make one image.


What I’d say hides deep in the jungle of my chest
Fierce animals peering shyly from the shadows –
Cloaked in the dense undergrowth of vine and fear,
They will fight or flee the spear of your search
And never chance being known being hung on the wall –
So instead let bestiaries of mystery tell their tale
And keep my would be’s to my self


Shining at the shore

Staring out, I will stand on that beautiful shore
And wait at choral dawn or sundown
To see that ship come sailing in.
Let it not be that no lighthouse shone
When ahead rocks laid dark, or
Broken crests in fog—
Masts and canvas torn,
Without a guard to guide you home;
Instead— find welcome here.

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