Being UUy

I’ve been getting an opportunity to do a lot of spiritual learning lately. My family gave me a couple of books of Unitarian Universalist meditations and a copy of the hymnal, which has beautiful readings in the back from all sorts of traditions and prophetic sources. I also got a chance to sing a duo of “The Fire of Commitment” at the church here which is available in video form, though I make no promises about quality. It was a pretty big deal by itself for me to get up and sing a whole song without a choir to hide behind / lean on vocally. I’ve had a real opportunity here in Blacksburg to gain confidence in singing and it’s felt like with the encouragement of the choir director, accompanist, and others, I’ve grown on a monthly basis.

I also joined a group on facebook called the UU Media Collaborative, which allows me to make UUy doodles with motivational quotes and post them where they can be used with much appreciation by media directors of congregations around the country. It’s pretty awesome and has allowed me to connect with a few new arms of the denomination. The intersection of design and my UU identity is really important for me and is definitely an area of my life I hope to be able to grow.

And I’ve been doing some watching and listening of old lectures and sermons, as well as watching an online lecture series covering the Hebrew Bible from an academic and literary perspective, all of which has been very interesting and giving me lots to think about and try to grow on.

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  1. Sharon Hoyenga
    | Reply

    Hi, Ellen, great first timer! I don’t know if the mike was closer t your buddy, but just sing out girl! Braver than me, that’s for sure. And isn’t this the day of unpleasantness? I love that you are deepening in UU. Feel free to share.

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Thanks, Sharon! I’m working on it…

  2. Amado
    | Reply

    I too am excited by the ways that “what I do” — web design, music-making — are coming into alignment with my UUy values. I’m joining the UUMN when I can get to it. I’ll have to check out your media collaborative link!

    Great job Sunday. Wherever you land, let ’em know you can sing.

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