Turtle Sun Day

Monday had some incredible weather for mid-March – at least 70º and sunny. I went to the Pandapas Pond trails and found that all the turtles were out enjoying it too. It was warm enough that I stopped at the store on the way back and got ice cream to cool off! Having my new zoom lens for days like this is really great, since it allows me to take landscapes and the macro photography I love, without having to change lenses every other shot.

Rhododendron bud
Holey wood
Stacked fungi
Leaf moss texture
Oak and moss
"More Difficult"
Pond bridge

TURTLES!! I lost count of how many there were. I tried to get some closeups of the little bitty ones I kept spotting, but they spooked and disappeared back into the water.

Turtles 1
Turtles 2
Turtles 3
Turtles 4
Turtles 5

Days like this are when I meditate on the concept of how photography and poetry are the two complimentary tools I have to describe the awesomeness of the world around me. For the things I can’t figure out how to photograph, I like to capture in a poem.

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  1. Ariana
    | Reply

    I like the first and last ones best! The turtles are cute. :) I like your two modes of capturing beauty.

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