Monthly Archives: May 2015

Women So Badass I Can’t Even

My mom, thankfully, worked really hard to make sure that I grew up with all sorts of awesome women in my books, fictitious and historical. Since leaving school I’ve realized that a lot of people never get this experience, of knowing there are women defying gender roles and making marked contributions to humanity. One of her particular favorites among the real-life women always seemed to be (more…)

Kai, et al.

Wrapping up the excursion with my family to Lake of the Woods, we have the photos I took of the family dorg and friends. It was a good day for photos, with bright sunshine early while I walked around in the woods, becoming diffuse as we got back out to the manicured garden. While we were meandering down the trail, a herd of deer surprised us by running across the clearing. (more…)

Lake of the Woods in BW

I went out on Saturday to Lake of the Woods park with my parents, Kai, and my camera. Kai and I had a good photography adventure while the other two went and exercised on the walking trails. My photo group in Rochester liked to take pictures of tree branches in black and white for some reason unknown to me, so I decided to give that a try. This is the first of a couple of posts of my photos from our ‘splore. (more…)