I need better poem post titles.

I don’t really know how to name these posts that are just like, “moar poems I wrote!” Anyway, these are some poems April brought me. I’m finding good opportunity to think them up lately. I guess everything happening outside my windows this time of year does that for me.

Pot of roots

Sore and aching
Pot of roots,
Broad and white and fleshy:
Set free,
Still they huddle
Holding to familiar forms;
Long habits grown
Down deep.


Looking out on a sea of blue

On my back, looking out,
A sea of blue meanwhile —
the clouds roll past,
Watching days go by.

In the water of that sky,
I see myself reflected
in the wind, unceasing


Burying seeds

I will bury you, seeds
Deep in the soil of my heart
For you may grow long
roots of friendship or
love once more,
little white seeds
in the dark dirt.


Our song sings on

In my nights, our song sings on.
Our adventure, our dreams, we fall in love all over again;
Real as the circling stars until the dawn breaks,
Erasing all but the morning star,
   until it too fades in the light of day.


Stolen Moments

Can we live our lives
In stolen moments, between
The here
   and the now?
If we hung on
to these words
   loose enough,
would we stay in them forever?
In the dark night
The cold air—
We are never quite leaving.

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