Yes, I am still alive!

Life has been so busy lately! This summer I started a new job, moved to Chicago, started some new undertakings in my free time, endeavored to read a few new scifi books, did vast quantities of driving, helped some with the old farmstead and the old dog, and in the process, kind of forgot to update my blog much at all!

Most of the important things have been documented in one way or another on my instagram. Check out that awesome hat plume I got last weekend at the Bristol Renaissance Faire north of Chicago! And the hail on the day my friend Ben helped me move in to my new place!

Side note: Instagram is a really great platform for me personally, since so much of my experience of life is through what I see. I find a lot of things that I think look interesting enough to take a picture of, even if I don’t have my absurdly large camera with me for blog post photos. Plus I can publish the photos immediately (as long as I have data to do so), which I think is the step that makes most photographers feel the most accomplished. TL;DR, please follow me on there for more frequent and visual updates. ;)

At some point perhaps I will post photos of my apartment (I’m definitely liking it, overall, so far), but for the moment I have more piles of cardboard boxes than I know what to do with. My last two apartments had closets in the basement where I could just toss all my boxes for move-out time, and I’m reluctant to compact and recycle such nice boxes as most of these are… It’s a dilemma. #firstworldproblems.

Meanwhile, my new job has started off well, despite the large amounts of commuting I’ve been having to do – I’ve been feeling appreciated and that I have unique skills to contribute. All in all, life is pretty good at the moment. Despite working in the 90º midwestern weather with no AC today…

3 Responses to “Yes, I am still alive!”

  1. Ariana
    | Reply

    Good to hear from you!! I’m so glad everything is going so well. :) I never imagined I would even think about getting on Instagram, but it has now entered the realm of consideration… :)

  2. David Schwartz
    | Reply

    Came by to say thanks for your awesome UU images and read you’re in Chicago. Come visit us down at First Unitarian in Hyde Park some time — I’d love to say thank you in person for your work!

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Wow, thanks! Hyde Park is a bit of a trip from where I am on the north side, but perhaps I’ll have to come visit. I love meeting other UUs. :)

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