AA Rebranded

I see that American Airlines has rebranded themselves after 45 years, as covered on Brand New, and I want to take a moment to talk about my impressions of it. See the Brand New article to see some of the collateral materials I mention below. A second opinion of the rebrand was posted while I wrote this post, and that one gets at the same impression I have, perhaps in better language. (more…)

Disciplines of Design

My environment growing up was not particularly conducive to studying art (lots of engineers and scientists, very few artsy people) no matter how many art classes I was enrolled in (I didn’t really like children’s art classes anyway), and I had to find a lot of the information out myself. (Oh, college, you require a portfolio with drawings? :< Let me make some at the last minute. ) At one point (more…)

Awards for Accuraty!

I didn’t think to post the news when I got it a couple of weeks ago (my mom has been telling me to update my blog more often…), but two of the sites I designed at Accuraty won awards from the Content Management System Association. Accuraty won awards for four of their sites in each’s division (all that were submitted!): (more…)

Design Links

Between the holidays and my departure from work as of tomorrow, things have been very quiet for me at Accuraty lately. I’ve been working on a new logo for them, which is quite exciting even though I’m leaving right away. (more…)

Fab Four

So now that Patrick’s birthday present arrived, I can show it off here! ^_^ Sorry the photos are bad, I had to hurry and get it in the mail right away so it wouldn’t be any later than it already was. (more…)

Bits of 3D

Recently I downloaded some 3D software to have another project in my after-work time. I’ve been playing around with it, getting the hang of the controls again, since I haven’t done anything with 3D since the spring. Especially difficult is that I no longer have a 30″ monitor on a Quad-Core Mac Pro like at school! Here are some (more…)