the Midwest

Parents’ House

In addition to seeing my little brother’s graduation, I spent some time at my parents’ house in Illinois. It was good to be back, although of course weird. They keep rearranging the furniture and things.

Happily though, all the work they’ve been doing on the house and yard made for some great photography opportunities to (more…)

Graduation Weekend II

Saturday of my brother’s graduation weekend was pretty much just get up, get ready, do the typical college graduation. Fortunately his school only has about 2,100 students total, so not too many were graduating compared to when I finished RIT. The ceremony seemed very similar though, just on a smaller and less prestigious (if RIT can be called such) scale. (more…)

Graduation Weekend I

I visited my family over the long Memorial Day weekend to see my brother graduate from college. He’s been studying Mechanical Engineering and is going into the Navy next. I took a lot of pictures, so the weekend will be broken up into a couple of posts… We spent Friday afternoon at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, although only sort of wandered through their timeline of western (more…)