Study Abroad

The Last Dance

I had my last dance with the Dessauer Sunheads last night. We danced at the park and had a little cookout, and one of the students from Sergej’s English class who was there was kind enough to take photos for me all evening. I’m really glad she did, because they’re great reminders of my last dance here. It was really wonderful (more…)

Wrapping Up

Yesterday I gave my final presentation for my Großprojekt. It went well – my teacher congratulated me on my well-prepared presentation and on having it done early so I didn’t have any technical problems. He said that my video was the most professional and cohesive of the projects we watched. (more…)

Jetzt ist Sommer

Dessau decided it’s summer last week, with 80º+ temperatures, so following the requests of several people, I went out and got a skirt shorter than my knees. Of course, after that the weather got colder. I’m buying a lot more clothing here than I do at home, but I have more motivation to look good here than in Rochester. Americans (more…)

The Fool Card

So lately I’ve realized that since leaving high school (or probably before that), I’ve tried to think through everything and its consequences before I take an action. I did some things when I started high school that were innocent and funny, (more…)


Yesterday I went to the photo studio for the afternoon to make an attempt at the Mittelformat part of my real film project. I had an audience of like five people while I tried to set up lighting on my model, which made me feel really awkward, and they kept asking me questions and lacking patience, so I didn’t manage to play with the (more…)