Blue Elm Scarf

I made this scarf after buying just one skein of a great sapphire blue superwash yarn for my dad, and realizing I probably needed a second skein to have enough for a warm scarf. Another skein of superwash merino wool to the rescue, this time a sort of periwinkle variegated color. But how to combine them in a way that would look nice on both sides and not be cumbersomely thick? (more…)

Photos with Mom

My mom was in Blacksburg recently to hang out with me, and we ended up enjoying the gorgeous weather by going out walking with our cameras. Saturday we went to the Pandapas Pond trail and saw a couple of horses out on the trail, and Sunday we went to the Hahn Horticulture Garden at Virginia Tech, where there were many interesting plants and some beautiful koi. (more…)

Dawn Breaking

I regularly get the most incredible sights here from my 3rd floor balcony overlooking the tops of the other apartment buildings and the receding mountains, so many days the first thing I do on getting out of bed is open my curtains and then rush to grab my camera and stand on the chilly balcony in my pajamas taking a few photos. (more…)

Charlotte Beach Photos

I was up visiting Rochester at the end of August for some good adventures including singing and yarn-seeking and a pig roast. Took a lot of photos I’m quite happy with at Charlotte Beach along Lake Ontario. The weather was pleasant and sunny, but a thunderstorm blew up while I was taking photos of a seagull out on the pier and a hasty retreat was required. (more…)

Photo Contest Entry

Hey there – I could use some help. I’ve submitted one of my photos (the last one from this blog post) to the GCV&M calendar contest. The contest is being determined by “likes” on the photos. If you have a facebook account and haven’t already, please consider going over to their page and giving my photo a thumbs-up! (more…)