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pomona.com Redesign           



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Pomona College Site Redesign

Prestigious “West Coast Ivy” Pomona College wanted a new website that reflected their open-minded California learning environment while being conscious of their top-notch rankings. Project included designs for 20+ responsive pages as well as thorough style documentation for implementation. Functioned as primary designer on the team at NewCity, which provided project management, art direction, and extensive user research. Development by KWALL.

UL Brand Work        


Adobe Suite | Bootstrap SASS | Marketo

UL In-House Design + Development

In-house design services for UL, an international safety company. Projects needed to follow best practices and conform to brand standards. Job involved learning Marketo from the ground up, designing and developing responsive Bootstrap SASS microsites, and creating a full array of marketing materials for a variety of internal clients. Large assignments included designing and developing the corporate email and landing page templates for Marketo, and designing and developing the digital version of the 2017 annual report. Projects were created in conjunction with clients, art directors, developers, other designers, photographer and copywriter according to project needs.

UUA Annual Report 2016    


InDesign | Illustrator

 Annual Report PDF

Unitarian Universalist Association Annual Report

Concept, consult, and create the UUA Annual Report for 2016. Design needed to follow brand guidelines while having a unique take on the theme of “journey.” Challenges revolved around tying together disparate content from organizations within the UUA in an agile manner, fitting within space constraints, and guiding the UUA team on best practices for annual reports.

Metals Service Center Institute Design            


Illustrator | InDesign | Photoshop

Metals Service Center Institute Design

Design and prepare a variety of infographics, assets, and brochures for the Metals Service Center Institute. Goal was to produce a wide range of informative, content-heavy visuals that would nonetheless be impactful and consistent with the modern brand identity. Project included producing one-off infographics and publications, weekly e-newsletters, semi-monthly conference booklets, and guiding UX discussions around website changes.

Schum Law Office Website Redesign          


InDesign | Photoshop | Illustrator

The Nature Conservancy Illinois Annual Report

Design and prepare a 24-page annual report on the finances and conservation work of the Nature Conservancy’s Illinois chapter. The goal was to provide the feeling of “an artist’s sketchbook” while conforming to brand guidelines and content requirements. Project included concepting and executing a variety of design options, manually painting the image masks, and rounds of design and content revisions according to client feedback. Project management and art direction by Orange Propeller.

Bott Roofing Site Redesign        


Photoshop | WordPress | Google Analytics + Docs

Bott Roofing Site Redesign

Prepare a report on Google Analytics data and audit content into a new site architecture based on benchmarking research and meetings to discuss business goals and user profiles. Facilitate meetings with client and developers, advise on web design best practices, and assist with editing, formatting, and input of content. Design mobile and secondary pages based on homepage design from Orange Propeller’s creative director. Site developed by Accuraty LLC.

Cooking Fools Logo        



Cooking Fools Logo

Design a logo for Cooking Fools experiential cooking events business. The previous logo had a local-touch catering aesthetic, and the business had developed in a different direction since that time. Goal was to convey a balance between the intense professional kitchen feeling of reality cooking shows (Cooking Fools’ most popular teambuilding event) and the cool, corporate, minimalist style preferred by the client. The final solution relied on the play of Celsius degrees and Fahrenheit degrees, as on a professional stove. Project direction by Orange Propeller.

Gorayan App


Illustrator | GitHub


 App on Google Play

Gorayan Clock App

Interface design and project management for mobile app. A fan community project, this app keeps time in “The Cavern” from the Myst franchise. The goal was a clean interface for a polar coordinates clock that would keep track of time of day in base-25 D’ni numbering, as well as holiday dates. For details on inspiration and process, please see accompanying presentation; Android development by Dane Wallinga.


Illustrator | InDesign

NewCity Conference Notebook

Concept and design of NewCity’s 2014 self-promotional sketchbook. Requirements were to maximize the amount of NewCity’s brand green on the cover, to tie in with the brand name, and present a handcrafted-but-modern aesthetic. Thus graphic artifacts emulating dust and offset printing mistakes were used, in addition to new skyline artwork to match the company logo. Use of uncoated paper stock encouraged users to interact by doodling on the skyline, for potential social media marketing campaigns. Art direction by the team at NewCity.

Twake Animation & Brand Design      


AfterEffects | Illustrator

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Twake Presentation Video

Storyboard, design, and animate a submission video for Twake software’s submission to TechCrunch Disrupt NYC. Project was completed from storyboard to final render in a weekend, voiceover by Joe Mayernik.