art history

Frank Lloyd Wright Home

My parents came up to visit a few weeks ago for my birthday, and we had a nice visit to the Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio in Oak Park.

It was really interesting to see the home he built for his family, especially from the point of view of a designer. He had quite a lot of fascinating ideas, but they only developed over time, as is clear in the home. Some parts are very familiar as part of (more…)

My work here is done.

My internship ended on Friday, and after a few days to relax and fritter away my time, I’m headed off to Florence as of tomorrow afternoon! Four and a half days of art history overload, visiting places like the Uffizi Gallery and the Palazzo Medici, which Professor Amy would have you believe is one of the most architectural-historically-important (more…)


Monday morning I woke up at 4am to fly to Chicago, and 11 hours after my arrival, to fly on to Brussels. Waking up was a lot easier than I expected – I guess I was ready to get on the road!

The day pass for the Admiral’s Club at O’Hare was definitely worth it. $50 for the day includes (more…)

German Posters

Autumn has arrived rather suddenly at RIT. The weather has gotten very cold and rainy – there was even hail the other day. I’m disappointed that such a nice summer is now finally at an end as identifiable by the transition to Rochester Winter (since winter here really lasts about October-April). Classes are stressful. And fast-moving. (more…)