art history

Eiffel Tower (Paris, Day 3)

Despite the cool weather and ominous skies, I got up early and arrived at the Eiffel Tower not long after they opened. There were three guys in military uniforms carrying machine guns around down the street from the tower, which freaked me out, although they didn’t look as serious as the riot control police in Frankfurt. The line wasn’t too bad, since I guess the weather scared people off. By the time (more…)

Temple to the Sun King (Paris, Day 2)

I tried to get up early to go to Versailles, but I was pretty tired from not getting enough sleep lately and then lugging my luggage (ha ha) all over the place. As it was, I did manage to wake up around when I planned to, but I was slow about getting moving and it was about 10 when I got to Versailles. I thought the line was long then, until I was leaving in the afternoon and saw the line was about three times as long… (more…)

Final Prep & Chicago

Wow! The compression sack my mom lent me is amazing! All my clothes fit in it, and then I can compress them to take up even less space.  When I get it down all the way, all my clothes take up about the same amount of space as a ziplock or two (as I was packing them in clear ziplocks before I used the sack).

I finally went and made a list of places I want to see (more…)