Photo Weekend

This summer has been flying by in the best fashion. I feel like I’ve been simultaneously busy and relaxed, as I’ve had fun things of one sort or another going on most weekends and a good number of weeknights. Downtime has been a bit short, true…

Saturday involved a certain amount of photography and (more…)

Staerkel Planetarium Art

In thinking about “Blue Boat Home” (and various other starry things…) I’ve been reminded of the really great art the planetarium at home has. My family spent a vast amount of time at Staerkel Planetarium when I was growing up, to the point that apparently we spent many Friday nights there, and Dave the planetarium guy knew us on sight. We went to the star shows, science lectures (more…)

Hand Lettering

As you may know if you’ve ever heard me critique type choices on signs around town or complain about the design of menus in restaurants, I have a penchant for good typography. Seeing my dad’s calligraphy on Christmas cards inspired me to try that as a kid, although I never had the patience to get good – it’s always been hard for me to practice because you go through so much paper (more…)

Inquiry & Yearning

I was doing some thinking back through the past two months of Inquiry and Yearning, as my discussion group declared March and April to be, and wrote some thoughts down from what I observed or was mulling over. They are probably a bit random, and I guess they feel a bit incomplete to me, but I thought I’d post them anyway. (more…)


Although many people look down on it or consider it heretical, tarot has been a big influence on my life since I was about eleven, when my dad did my first reading for me. Although I profess the more atheist view of the cards, saying that they are basically inkblot tests to see what rises to the front of your mind, sometimes I feel that they are a little too on target to be just cards and ink. (more…)

Leading Motion

Continuing from yesterday, here’s my most recent poem, this time trying to get away from some of the themes I typically focus on.

Please, I would be very grateful to hear what you think of it and what it says to you, or just any critique. I really love hearing what symbolism other people read into my writing – sort of like a team project – and it means a lot to me. (more…)

Inky Poetry

I’m going to break this up into two posts, today and tomorrow. I like to write poetry and short stories, because any time I write more than a couple of pages of a story, I tend to kill my main character if not my entire cast. In fact, I think very few stories I’ve written have ended without them being dead. For some reason I find this really amusing – I like to think of it that I’m worse than Joss about that kind of thing. (more…)