My Design Process

Since most people not in the industry have so little to do with making websites, and I’ve gotten some good questions about what exactly I do to make ones like in my portfolio, I thought it would be a good thing to make into a blog post!

The steps most web designers I’ve met go through with a client are as follows: (more…)


Now that ImagineRIT is over, I have time again to update my blog about these sorts of things. I spent most of Friday rendering nice designs for the kiosk (we had to cut down the graphics for the live version, and the projectors mutilated the video quality) and working on info posters for the room. We pulled an all-nighter Friday (more…)

New WP

So, server switch is all taken care of. There may be some broken links until I remove/update them, since I’ve cleaned out a lot of the junk my old space collected in the five or six years I was hosted at Lonex. I successfully transfered wordpress and updated it, and took the starter Sandbox theme and wrote my own CSS for it. (more…)


My Kurzprojekt started today. It lasts from 9-4 or 5 with a short break for lunch. Which means it’s really long. Even the German students seem a little unclear what the assignment is, but the class is about Web 2.0/networking tools, Google Earth, and “mashups.” The mashups sound like a subset of what we were doing in (more…)