Blue Elm Scarf

I made this scarf after buying just one skein of a great sapphire blue superwash yarn for my dad, and realizing I probably needed a second skein to have enough for a warm scarf. Another skein of superwash merino wool to the rescue, this time a sort of periwinkle variegated color. But how to combine them in a way that would look nice on both sides and not be cumbersomely thick? (more…)

Sunset Behind Storm

There were some pretty spectacular clouds here as I was driving home from the knitting circle I’ve discovered at the local yarn shop. I even stopped in a parking lot to snap a few photos on my phone before scurrying home! Obviously that last photo is the one I took on my real camera. You can see how I’m getting inspiration for those paintings! (more…)

Impressionist Skies

I’ve found a real interest in acrylics since I got inspired at this past year’s Park Ave fest in Rochester. Since I found out about mediums and mixers for professional acrylics, I’ve been doodling around with them occasionally. Lately I’ve been trying to do more, get better in a slightly more concerted fashion, trying to deal with the transition here. (more…)


My friend Marissa has been holding “crafternoons” once a month on Sundays, which is a lovely almost-tea-party way to get work done on our lady projects. Having essentially finished my study abroad scrapbook project started in 2009 (!!!), I needed a new project to start – perhaps something that wouldn’t take four years. (more…)

Scrapbook Photos

Welcome to Twenty-Ten! I have big hopes for the decade. :)

Before I went on Thanksgiving break, I went out and finally got a scrapbook so I could start putting together my physical photos from the trip to Germany. My cousin Kara got me into it with our Buffy watching (more…)