Jan Jam

Ever since I started contra dancing (June of last year), I’ve been hearing about the Jan Jam dance weekend in Urbana. Everyone around here anticipates it each year, and especially this year, since the Mean Lids as well as the Ripples would be playing. The nice thing about this dance weekend for me is that it’s a 15 minute drive or less from where my parents live! (more…)

Gypsy Moon Ball

I went to my first contra dance weekend recently! The Gypsy Moon Ball is held every year in Indianapolis, and I was asked to drive one of the two callers for the weekend down with me Friday night. This was my first time taking my car on a road trip with a passenger, so I carefully lined up a playlist of music devoid of sea shanties or Child ballads. (more…)

Contra and Chanteys

I’ve been having a good time learning to contra dance so far this summer. I’m finding it quite similar to square dancing, thankfully, which has made picking it up pretty simple, but the significantly-lower average age is keeping me on my toes all the same. I suspect there is a lot I could stand to learn about dancing more gracefully – (more…)

Pullman City

Friday I showed up in Germany to visit with my square dance partner and go to a dance weekend at the “western city” in the Harz mountains. He had some things to take care of in the afternoon, so I spent a while visiting with a cat who comes and begs for food at his door, and getting my things sorted out, laundry done, etc. (more…)

Midwestern Dancing

Tuesday night, my parents and I danced in Bloomington, about an hour away from where my parents live, since the club at home folded. The caller was reasonable (speaking English helps, I have to say), and there were enough people that there were two squares every time. Unfortunately, they all seemed to be married couples, so I sat out the last tip. Surprise, surprise, (more…)

The Last Dance

I had my last dance with the Dessauer Sunheads last night. We danced at the park and had a little cookout, and one of the students from Sergej’s English class who was there was kind enough to take photos for me all evening. I’m really glad she did, because they’re great reminders of my last dance here. It was really wonderful (more…)


Since there was no square dance meeting on Thursday night and I went to see Viel Lärm um Nichts, I went down to Leipzig on Friday to get a tour of the city and then go to my square dance partner’s club. He told me to come whenever, without pointing out that the zoo would be the only thing open at 9am. (more…)