Easter Candy Buttons

I got an invitation to last week! I’m super excited as I’ve been waiting on the sidelines for quite a while, hoping someone would notice me and send me an invite to the current premier watering-hole for web designers.

I was fiddling around with Photoshop and feeling springy, and I’d been looking at lots of sexy button styles for work, so this seemed (more…)

Bits of 3D

Recently I downloaded some 3D software to have another project in my after-work time. I’ve been playing around with it, getting the hang of the controls again, since I haven’t done anything with 3D since the spring. Especially difficult is that I no longer have a 30″ monitor on a Quad-Core Mac Pro like at school! Here are some (more…)

The Lolrus Theme

I think that despite my years of doing web design/dev, and studying new media design, that perhaps my strength lies more in designing things that hold still – ie, static or print pieces. While I really enjoy designing things like business cards and the restaurant menu project from the summer, this really isn’t where the demand is. (more…)

Wallpapers Nr. 1

I keep getting hits for lyrics for die Prinzen’s song “Thema Nr. 1” even though nowhere on the site do I actually have any such information. But I felt like making a couple of wallpapers and needed some text for them, so whoever it is that keeps coming to my site via that search phrase, happy birthday! (more…)