Impressionist Skies

I’ve found a real interest in acrylics since I got inspired at this past year’s Park Ave fest in Rochester. Since I found out about mediums and mixers for professional acrylics, I’ve been doodling around with them occasionally. Lately I’ve been trying to do more, get better in a slightly more concerted fashion, trying to deal with the transition here. (more…)

Fantasy Places

Sometimes I like drawing maps of made-up places.

Eoh was a world my college RPG group created for the very customizing system Burning Wheel. Unfortunately I wasn’t present for the “world burning” session where they created the original map, but they left me a blank spot on the map and brought me their drawing to work from. (more…)

Tiled Patterns

I’ve lately discovered how much fun it is to doodle some scribbly designs and plop them in a blank Photoshop canvas, shuffle the pieces around, and make a little pattern. I did most of them in grayscale so you can just use Screen/Multiply on them. Here’s some tiled patterns I made for free download. (more…)

Sea Pinnacles Observatory

A digital painting I’ve been working on in a kind of Myst Age style. I have no idea what’s going on logically there. Why is there an observatory dome and an enormous satellite dish? What are they studying there? And what is up with those rocks? In good concept art fasion, I’m trying not to let it bother me too much. Not succeeding (more…)

RPG Characters

A favorite activity for me is escaping reality to play tabletop roleplaying games with friends. I can work off imaginative energy by picturing situations and kicking ass to hopefully save the day and experience some funny situations. I grew up on stories of my parents’ RPG characters’ exploits, which involved all the drama of epic legends but without the freaky bits. So when I look for (more…)