Reading All the Books

I’ve done a pretty terrible job of keeping up with my blog this summer, haven’t I? Life has mostly been consisting, in various proportions, of lots of design, trying to get settled in Chicago, contra dancing, reading scifi/fantasy, talking to people online, and learning about wtf Google is up to now. (more…)

Female Gaze Scifi

This is the sort of thing I have tried to avoid writing on my public blog over the years. But after reading about the tropes in a certain scifi series of which I have no prior knowledge, in which bisexuality and kink apparently feature heavily, and after following the stuff with Gamergate and the Sad Puppies this past year, I have something I need to talk about. Oh, and I’ve finally (more…)

Maurice’s Wedding

I’m at the wedding of one of my best friends this weekend and I wanted to give you a taste of what this couple is like. As you may be aware, most of my friends are of the seriously-quirky variety, but you may not know just how quirky some of my friends get. As an illustration, here is the fantasy Maurice sent me of his special day… (more…)

Colonial Williamsburg I

It’s been a little longer than I intended, but some freelance resurfaced and has been taking up a lot of my evenings. When last I left you, I had just arrived in Newport News for a visit with Chelsey on the 4th of July evening. The next day we went to nearby Colonial Williamsburg, and I took enough photos that I will have to break them up into multiple posts. There have been a lot of photos this summer. (more…)

Back to Rochester

I returned to Rochester for two days (“I’ll be here two days… / Then I will be gone…”) for a reunion with good friends, a visit with the photo group, yarn adventures with Marissa, a sugar maple festival, a church service, and two showings of FirstLight Players‘ Death Takes A Holiday. It was a whirlwind trip but very excellent and much needed now that I’ve been away for two months.

I did get in in time for dinner and the Friday night opening of (more…)

FirstLight Players Script Reading

December 1 was the first read-through of the script for Firstlight Players’ 2014 production. The production will be the musical “Death Takes A Holiday,” performances the fourth weekend in March, at the First Unitarian Church of Rochester. It’s pretty exciting, since I’m in the Ensemble and several of my friends are also going to be involved with the show – plus new ones I’m sure I’ll be making! (more…)

New Year’s in Cologne

As part of my visit to Cologne for winter break, we went to a New Year’s party at Patrick’s friend’s apartment, where we consumed large amounts of raclette and fondue. The raclette was pretty cool – in the German style, you put bits of bread or vegetables or whatever in a little pie-wedge pan, lay a piece of mild cheese on top, and broil it in a tabletop broiler. Apparently it’s the traditional “Silvester” food for Germans. I had some very good whiskey and an interesting (more…)