My friend Marissa has been holding “crafternoons” once a month on Sundays, which is a lovely almost-tea-party way to get work done on our lady projects. Having essentially finished my study abroad scrapbook project started in 2009 (!!!), I needed a new project to start – perhaps something that wouldn’t take four years. (more…)

Modeling books

I got to be a model again recently, which was pretty fun. After seeing my high school librarian’s post on Facebook about stock photos with women pointedly not reading the books in their photos, it was perhaps forefront in my mind that I should not look like a complete ditz with my book. I was quite excited to bring the old bilingual book of German poetry I was recently given by a friend’s mother – (more…)

Cologne Christmas

I had a good holiday trip to Germany for the purpose of seeing Patrick for Christmas and New Year. We got a fair bit done. We went to see a little circus by someone who used to work with Cirque du Soleil, which was very nice with its live music and acrobatics and so on. There were a lot of children in the audience which we enjoyed watching as they climbed on their fathers for a better view or played in the fake snow on stage during the intermission. I was also amused (more…)

Curly Hair Care

I have fine white-girl hair which varies from curly sproings to lazy waves to frizzy flatness depending on the weather and what I did to it this morning. Different parts of my hair even behave differently from each other on the same day! Unfortunately, fine-textured curly Caucasian hair needs very different care from the more (more…)


School is keeping me pretty busy, and when I’m not busy with homework or classes, it’s work or any number of other things that need to be taken care of for life to function, so things are a bit delayed. I’ll keep posting my projects as they come up. My research about Caspar David Friedrich is turning out to be quite interesting, (more…)

Jetzt ist Sommer

Dessau decided it’s summer last week, with 80º+ temperatures, so following the requests of several people, I went out and got a skirt shorter than my knees. Of course, after that the weather got colder. I’m buying a lot more clothing here than I do at home, but I have more motivation to look good here than in Rochester. Americans (more…)