Gypsy Moon Ball

I went to my first contra dance weekend recently! The Gypsy Moon Ball is held every year in Indianapolis, and I was asked to drive one of the two callers for the weekend down with me Friday night. This was my first time taking my car on a road trip with a passenger, so I carefully lined up a playlist of music devoid of sea shanties or Child ballads. (more…)

Parsley Lemon Tilapia

I decided to take a stab at food photography. This is a nice easy little recipe which is not too expensive what with the packages of frozen tilapia available at Wegmans. It’s not too sensitive a recipe either, just get the fish cooked right and the flour mixed in well. The tilapia topping has a sort of warm-but-fresh taste suitable for any time of year and is very easy to make quickly. (more…)

7:30 at the Market

So, the guy I alluded to last post, who came up to me demanding that if I was “going to take a picture of something, take a picture of that!” while shoving his signed hat at me. It quickly struck me that he was either crazy or on something (though I don’t know), based on the way he was rambling excitedly as if I knew what he was talking about. I tried to be polite and take advantage of the proffered photo opportunity and not assume that he was crazy – and he was (more…)

7am at the Market

I was free and undistracted Saturday morning, and as usual in the summer, the dawn and loudly twittering birds outside woke me up around 5:30, so I got up and went over to give photographing the Rochester Public Market another try. I have enough pictures (even after weeding them down sort of continuously throughout the weekend) that I’ll be breaking them up into a few posts. (more…)

Lilac Festival

Every year in May, Rochester holds the Lilac Festival. Fortunately this year, unlike previous years where they bloomed too early and faded by the time of the festival, the lilacs bloomed perfectly on time (see below) for us. I went along for my first time Saturday afternoon with a large group of friends’ friends. The weather didn’t look too promising when we started, as it was breezy, cloudy, and a bit (more…)

Market in the Morning

Saturday was absolutely lovely. When I went out in the afternoon, it was warm and sunny, and all of the bushes along the path behind my apartment were a-twitter with all the little critters preparing for spring’s arrival. Every birdcall from the branches above me seemed to belong to a different bird. I had a nice long walk down the path singing – singing! – which I generally don’t do if I think there’s a chance other people will hear me. It was just that kind of a day. (more…)

First U Photos

I took some pictures of First Unitarian of Rochester last weekend. I was there really early to help with a couple of church things and decided to take advantage of that and show up a bit extra early to get some pictures before the congregation arrived. Although it’s November, the day was pretty warm, the grass was pretty green, and the sky was about as blue as it gets in cloudy Rochester. I tried to take advantage of my excess time to try different exposure settings, although (more…)