Friends in Chicago

Last weekend, I was up in Chicago for a successful interview and visiting with my friends in the area. It was a great opportunity to catch up with some people I haven’t seen in a while – and some person I haven’t seen in years! All around a pretty awesome visit. I also took pictures of Wickett, famously an ewok on Buzzfeed, although I no longer know where the link to that particular photo is. There are new photos now though! (more…)

Visit to Chicago

As Maurice was getting married there, I made a trip to Chicago. It was a good time to see Ben H, Lillian, and Fred for the first time in quite a while, and I took pictures. I also had adventures with a German woman in Starbucks who wanted to tell me all about her travels and observations on Americans when she found out I spoke German… That was interesting. (more…)

Maurice’s Wedding

I’m at the wedding of one of my best friends this weekend and I wanted to give you a taste of what this couple is like. As you may be aware, most of my friends are of the seriously-quirky variety, but you may not know just how quirky some of my friends get. As an illustration, here is the fantasy Maurice sent me of his special day… (more…)

Colonial Williamsburg II

We were pleasantly surprised, after examining hats for a while, to find a period marching band parading down the streets of Williamsburg. Chels provided a very helpful set of extra hands for my second lens while I ran around trying to get good photos of them. I felt a little bad standing right in their marching path, but decided they needed to be used to such things. (more…)

Colonial Williamsburg I

It’s been a little longer than I intended, but some freelance resurfaced and has been taking up a lot of my evenings. When last I left you, I had just arrived in Newport News for a visit with Chelsey on the 4th of July evening. The next day we went to nearby Colonial Williamsburg, and I took enough photos that I will have to break them up into multiple posts. There have been a lot of photos this summer. (more…)

Back to the ROC II

Sunday was pretty quiet and included a visit to First Unitarian, which was good, if somewhat weird since I’ve been gone quite a while now, and most people were at General Assembly. Otherwise, it was very hot, so there was a trip to cool down at an oddly-juxtaposed gelato shop / African art gallery/store on Park Ave. (more…)

Back to the ROC I

The trip to Rochester was quite an operation, so I’ll break it up into two posts. There were many photos taken. There was a visit to the Jazz Fest, where they play very modern jazz, accompanied by much people-watching and some discussion of racial issues around the Jazz Fest and white people appropriating jazz and things. New York is actually a very segregated state, and you can really see it in Rochester. I also took a photo of a view between some buildings, (more…)

Floyd Artisan Walk

I joined up with my coworker Jenny, developer extraordinaire and her husband Sparky to catch a few hours of the artisan open houses in Floyd County. Floyd is known around here for its hippie artisan flavor, with its old-fashioned Country Store and its large selection of potters, painters, photographers, and crafters of all sorts. (more…)

Travertine Falls

I took Monday of Easter weekend off to go on a geology hike with my coworker Nancy, who was trained as a geologist, and Tyler, who was visiting from Rochester and is also a geologist. It was a good day for it, sunny and sufficiently warm. The site where we went is called Fall’s Ridge and is sort of within sight of my apartment – at least, I think it’s part of the ridge that I can see from my balcony. (more…)