Five Years!

This is just to say that as of today, my blog is five years old! Quite a feat, I think, for a random personal blog – usually they flounder after a few months, don’t they? Frogtopus is of course quite a bit older, as is It’s crazy to look at my life now and my life five years ago, before the German extravaganzas got underway. So (more…)

Provocateur’s Blog

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been working with the First Unitarian Church here in Rochester to set up a blog for their brand new Provocateur-in-Residence position at the church. The idea behind the position is to bring in someone from outside the (fairly narrow) UU base and expose the congregation to new ideas and alternatives. He’ll be giving periodic sermons, writing articles for the newsletter, (more…)

Modernizing Rockettium

As you will now notice, I’ve updated my blog design, replaced the rest of the site with WordPress pages, and moved the whole thing up under instead of There are a few reasons for this.

The main one is that I made the blog and portfolio designs (more…)

Awards for Accuraty!

I didn’t think to post the news when I got it a couple of weeks ago (my mom has been telling me to update my blog more often…), but two of the sites I designed at Accuraty won awards from the Content Management System Association. Accuraty won awards for four of their sites in each’s division (all that were submitted!): (more…)

Twake Launches at TechCrunch NYC

There hasn’t been too much to write here because when I’m not at work, I’ve been working on a big secretive freelance project. And when I’m not doing either of those, I’ve been saving that time to relax and read the Song of Ice and Fire books.

So, on to my freelance project for a startup called Twake. (more…)

The Lolrus Theme

I think that despite my years of doing web design/dev, and studying new media design, that perhaps my strength lies more in designing things that hold still – ie, static or print pieces. While I really enjoy designing things like business cards and the restaurant menu project from the summer, this really isn’t where the demand is. (more…)