Reading All the Books

I’ve done a pretty terrible job of keeping up with my blog this summer, haven’t I? Life has mostly been consisting, in various proportions, of lots of design, trying to get settled in Chicago, contra dancing, reading scifi/fantasy, talking to people online, and learning about wtf Google is up to now. (more…)

Yes, I am still alive!

Life has been so busy lately! This summer I started a new job, moved to Chicago, started some new undertakings in my free time, endeavored to read a few new scifi books, did vast quantities of driving, helped some with the old farmstead and the old dog, and in the process, kind of forgot to update my blog much at all! (more…)

Contra and Chanteys

I’ve been having a good time learning to contra dance so far this summer. I’m finding it quite similar to square dancing, thankfully, which has made picking it up pretty simple, but the significantly-lower average age is keeping me on my toes all the same. I suspect there is a lot I could stand to learn about dancing more gracefully – (more…)

Female Gaze Scifi

This is the sort of thing I have tried to avoid writing on my public blog over the years. But after reading about the tropes in a certain scifi series of which I have no prior knowledge, in which bisexuality and kink apparently feature heavily, and after following the stuff with Gamergate and the Sad Puppies this past year, I have something I need to talk about. Oh, and I’ve finally (more…)

Sea shanties on the plains

Sometimes I feel like my life just refuses to be stable for long. It’s about time I posted a life update on here, since things have been a-changing again. As you may have gathered, I’ve moved back to my hometown for the moment, and have been spending my time taking care of my little canine sister and doing yardwork before the midwestern (more…)

Five Years!

This is just to say that as of today, my blog is five years old! Quite a feat, I think, for a random personal blog – usually they flounder after a few months, don’t they? Frogtopus is of course quite a bit older, as is It’s crazy to look at my life now and my life five years ago, before the German extravaganzas got underway. So (more…)

First Week of Work

I’ve just finished my first week of designing at NewCity, and you’ll be glad to know it’s been awesome. I’ve been kept surprisingly busy for my first week, working up a style guide for their recently-released work on the VQR, and doing image processing as well as some actual web page design work for an exotic educational project the company is redesigning. That’s been exciting as it involves looking (more…)