Fantasy Places

Sometimes I like drawing maps of made-up places.

Eoh was a world my college RPG group created for the very customizing system Burning Wheel. Unfortunately I wasn’t present for the “world burning” session where they created the original map, but they left me a blank spot on the map and brought me their drawing to work from. (more…)

Sea Pinnacles Observatory

A digital painting I’ve been working on in a kind of Myst Age style. I have no idea what’s going on logically there. Why is there an observatory dome and an enormous satellite dish? What are they studying there? And what is up with those rocks? In good concept art fasion, I’m trying not to let it bother me too much. Not succeeding (more…)

Mysterium Weekend

This past weekend was one of the awesomest weekends I can remember having recently – and that’s saying something, as I have had a lot of awesome weekends this summer. I took Friday off to spend it at Mysterium 2013, which was in Rochester this year, but my awesome weekend started off with enjoying the beautiful evening at Powder Mills Park before going to an intro to swing dance workshop until late. It was hot in the dance hall but fun to dance (more…)

Independence Day Wknd II

Moar Boston photos! Saturday, I was a good UU and made my pilgrimage to Walden Pond first thing in the morning, followed by a visit to King’s Chapel, the first American congregation to officially accept Unitarianism. The weather was again horrifically hot – almost 100º in the city, so again we headed home midafternoon to hide in Piyush’s air conditioned apartment. Photos starting with Walden Pond… (more…)

Inquiry & Yearning

I was doing some thinking back through the past two months of Inquiry and Yearning, as my discussion group declared March and April to be, and wrote some thoughts down from what I observed or was mulling over. They are probably a bit random, and I guess they feel a bit incomplete to me, but I thought I’d post them anyway. (more…)

Pre-Spring Highland Park

“Between melting and freezing
The soul’s sap quivers.”
– T.S. Eliot, “Little Gidding”

The weather on Sunday was so beautiful that when I finally went out to the park with my camera and new tripod, I left my coat in the car. Spring hasn’t really hit, although as you can see from my pictures, snowdrops have risen. Everything was very squishy and wet, (more…)

New Furniture

I have a hugeass bedframe and similarly enormous dresser, a somewhat flimsy desk, and a very sturdy coffee table all off Craigslist, which is pretty good. I had to rent a UHaul for the bedroom stuff, and it was HUUUUUGE (as they say in Rochester). It was also a crazy driving experience, and definitely taught me some things about (more…)

Scandinavian Islets

Ellen in Sweden
As you can see, I loved these landscapes from the time I was this big. Also, those ladybug mittens were the best thing ever, along with my taste in clothing!

I absolutely love the Scandinavian landscape – especially those archipelagoes full of tiny, rocky, evergreen-covered islands. Even before I was a fan of Myst, I thought they were pretty much the most beautiful, mysterious, inspiring places ever. When I lived in Sweden, there was an old dry river valley behind my family’s apartment, with huge rocks growing up out of the smooth grass bowl. (more…)