Weather Poetry

I’ve been finding that my pseudo-daily walks up the driveway and back at work have been a good time to ponder the weather, and decided to try to be a bit more concerted than usual in choosing poetry topics: a set of weather poems. I feel like “weather” may be a bit trite, but I was inspired and decided to try my hand at it all (more…)

Violin Photos

Since borrowing more sturdy lighting equipment from Steve of the Saturday photo group, I got a chance to take more portraits. Unfortunately, the concept I had wanted to photograph really didn’t work out – in fact, I’m not even going to share a single attempt in that direction. But photographing Tyler with his violin was pretty fun all the same, and I think some of the photos came out well, even if they weren’t conforming to the intention of the shoot. (more…)

Blue Boat Home

I mentioned in passing that I’m learning a new song – “Blue Boat Home” by Peter Mayer – for my singing lessons. I love the song, it’s probably one of my favorite Unitariany songs, though admittedly the version I’m familiar with is Priscilla Herdman‘s cello-heavy arrangement. To help me learn to sing more expressively, my teacher asked me to remember the song is poetry, and to “write a (more…)

Racing Pennies

Sometimes it’s been hard not to hear the start of a poem when I’m out walking these days. And too many people have been saying nice things about my poems and encouraging me to write more (soon they will learn their mistake! muahaha): so, another poem I was fiddling around with. (more…)

Hand Lettering

As you may know if you’ve ever heard me critique type choices on signs around town or complain about the design of menus in restaurants, I have a penchant for good typography. Seeing my dad’s calligraphy on Christmas cards inspired me to try that as a kid, although I never had the patience to get good – it’s always been hard for me to practice because you go through so much paper (more…)

Inquiry & Yearning

I was doing some thinking back through the past two months of Inquiry and Yearning, as my discussion group declared March and April to be, and wrote some thoughts down from what I observed or was mulling over. They are probably a bit random, and I guess they feel a bit incomplete to me, but I thought I’d post them anyway. (more…)

A Modest Mound of Bones

Some time ago, I was doing some exploring when I found basically an entire deer skeleton near the top of a hill, picked completely clean and gradually being overgrown with grass. I like this excerpt from John Updike’s poem, “A Modest Mound of Bones,” and I think it was especially descriptive of them after I went back last week first thing in the morning with my camera. (more…)

Leading Motion

Continuing from yesterday, here’s my most recent poem, this time trying to get away from some of the themes I typically focus on.

Please, I would be very grateful to hear what you think of it and what it says to you, or just any critique. I really love hearing what symbolism other people read into my writing – sort of like a team project – and it means a lot to me. (more…)