Hats by Gil Maker

Some weeks ago I served as a model for two of the photographers in my Saturday photo group who wanted to practice portraiture and studio lighting. The subject of the photo shoot was my humble hat collection. (This was before the acquisition of my rainbow squid hat.) Gil Maker got me a disk back this weekend of all the photos he took, and I went through and did a quick pass of cropping/editing (more…)

Dad Portraits

When my parents were here a month ago, I convinced them to let me take some pictures of them, which was really great practice. Unfortunately my mom doesn’t want hers posted (although I think she looks quite nice in them), but my dad will let me post his. (more…)

Musical Shots

I did another photo shoot, this time of my friend Thom Snell who runs Sunday music at church, which let me get a different setting than the ones of Kristy and Anna in my living room. I wanted to get more “dignified music director” photos to contrast the goofy ones of them from last time. He was a willing model in spite of my myriad cheapest-possible-flash-tripod and general lighting issues, (more…)

StormFrog Ladies

This weekend two of my friends from work, web developers Kristy and Anna, came over to be my test subjects while I played with my camera. They were very willing, which was much appreciated, and the keyboards I had asked them to bring from work were great in helping set a goofy tone and getting them loosened up. Obviously I still have a long way to go to being any kind of serious portrait (more…)


Yesterday I went to the photo studio for the afternoon to make an attempt at the Mittelformat part of my real film project. I had an audience of like five people while I tried to set up lighting on my model, which made me feel really awkward, and they kept asking me questions and lacking patience, so I didn’t manage to play with the (more…)