Women So Badass I Can’t Even

My mom, thankfully, worked really hard to make sure that I grew up with all sorts of awesome women in my books, fictitious and historical. Since leaving school I’ve realized that a lot of people never get this experience, of knowing there are women defying gender roles and making marked contributions to humanity. One of her particular favorites among the real-life women always seemed to be (more…)

Parsley Lemon Tilapia

I decided to take a stab at food photography. This is a nice easy little recipe which is not too expensive what with the packages of frozen tilapia available at Wegmans. It’s not too sensitive a recipe either, just get the fish cooked right and the flour mixed in well. The tilapia topping has a sort of warm-but-fresh taste suitable for any time of year and is very easy to make quickly. (more…)

Tiled Patterns

I’ve lately discovered how much fun it is to doodle some scribbly designs and plop them in a blank Photoshop canvas, shuffle the pieces around, and make a little pattern. I did most of them in grayscale so you can just use Screen/Multiply on them. Here’s some tiled patterns I made for free download. (more…)

My Design Process

Since most people not in the industry have so little to do with making websites, and I’ve gotten some good questions about what exactly I do to make ones like in my portfolio, I thought it would be a good thing to make into a blog post!

The steps most web designers I’ve met go through with a client are as follows: (more…)

Easter Candy Buttons

I got an invitation to last week! I’m super excited as I’ve been waiting on the sidelines for quite a while, hoping someone would notice me and send me an invite to the current premier watering-hole for web designers.

I was fiddling around with Photoshop and feeling springy, and I’d been looking at lots of sexy button styles for work, so this seemed (more…)

Shepherd’s Pie

I recently made a big pan of shepherd’s pie which I thought turned out quite well. I got a bottle of dry red wine as recommended by the Wegmans wine store team down the road from me (I live very conveniently placed near the Wegmans mothership store). From what I recall of glancing at the label in the store, (more…)

Disciplines of Design

My environment growing up was not particularly conducive to studying art (lots of engineers and scientists, very few artsy people) no matter how many art classes I was enrolled in (I didn’t really like children’s art classes anyway), and I had to find a lot of the information out myself. (Oh, college, you require a portfolio with drawings? :< Let me make some at the last minute. ) At one point (more…)

Design Links

Between the holidays and my departure from work as of tomorrow, things have been very quiet for me at Accuraty lately. I’ve been working on a new logo for them, which is quite exciting even though I’m leaving right away. (more…)

College Questions

When I was looking at universities during high school, I was encouraged by pretty much everybody to “ask lots of questions! grab students on the campus and find out what they really think!” I always wished that I knew what kind of questions to ask (ignore the nervousness involved in harassing random college students (more…)