roleplaying games

Fantasy Places

Sometimes I like drawing maps of made-up places.

Eoh was a world my college RPG group created for the very customizing system Burning Wheel. Unfortunately I wasn’t present for the “world burning” session where they created the original map, but they left me a blank spot on the map and brought me their drawing to work from. (more…)

RPG Characters

A favorite activity for me is escaping reality to play tabletop roleplaying games with friends. I can work off imaginative energy by picturing situations and kicking ass to hopefully save the day and experience some funny situations. I grew up on stories of my parents’ RPG characters’ exploits, which involved all the drama of epic legends but without the freaky bits. So when I look for (more…)

Adventure to DC

I took last Friday off to go down to our nation’s capital and visit with a couple of my best friends. The day started off early, around 4:30am, with a drive to the airport. The flight was just a little hop, barely an hour, and the sun as we came up was lighting the clouds beautifully – pink on one side and blue on the other. I read for a while (giving my mom’s copy of The Happiness Project a try), and on the way back down, there were awesome “god rays” shining through the clouds (more…)

Shadowrun Game

I haven’t really discussed the new Shadowrun game my group here has been playing since Midgard ended. So far I’ve been really enjoying it and have been pretty disappointed every second week, when the rest of the group plays Pathfinder/D&D 3.5. I feel a lot more comfortable and notice the language barrier much less, probably (more…)

Fail Party

Last Tuesday was another interesting day in Tidford. When last we left off, we had been in a meeting with the local mob boss and his merchant captain about whether we would take work as marines on the boat. For some reason the captain was willing to pay us 15 GP/day, apparently to get us out of town and out of Boss’s way as soon as possible. (more…)