roleplaying games

It’s Wintertime

I realize that news of my life in Cologne have been a bit sparse. This is mostly because all you people who think living abroad is really glamorous, are wrong. :P I wake up and go to work every morning in a world full of people speaking another language, spend the day photoshopping images or other tasks, come home, have dinner, chat with my friends on IM, watch the Daily Show or something else, write an email or two, and go to bed. (more…)


I recently got a freelance job from a local who wants Warhammer cards made. It’s pretty exciting because it involves my putting together a team to illustrate and design the cards. Chelsey and Christian will be working on the illustrations, and I’ll be designing the cards themselves and managing the project. We’re starting out doing (more…)

Canadian Hunting, Eh?

Things are pretty quiet around here while I wait for Fall Quarter to start at RIT and try not to pine for Germany quite as much as I am.

So, my friend and game master Abe came down from Chicago to run a roleplaying game for me, my brother, and our friend Eric. This time, our characters were agents for the secret, (more…)