Winter Solstice

I like the idea of the winter solstice. It always sounds so cozy, the dark of winter under the snow, before the sun returns to the world for the spring. This year’s solstice isn’t quite that cozy—it’s about 50º and rainy here in Chicago today.

This time of year, I always like to think about the winters I’ve spent (more…)

Stickers for the UUA

I signed up this spring for a Unitarian Universalist media group on Facebook, for making assets to share our “good word.” Being an actual designer, the couple of samples I shared apparently went over very well, and I was hired by the curator of the UUA WorshipWeb to make a set of outreach materials for General Assembly. This is a huge deal for me! I get pretty into being UU, and having my work seen by (more…)

Being UUy

I’ve been getting an opportunity to do a lot of spiritual learning lately. My family gave me a couple of books of Unitarian Universalist meditations and a copy of the hymnal, which has beautiful readings in the back from all sorts of traditions and prophetic sources. I also got a chance to sing a duo of “The Fire of Commitment” at the church here which is available in video form, though I make (more…)

Spirituality vs. Religion

One question that I hear a lot as someone mostly-raised Unitarian Universalist, is “how is spirituality different from religion?” Fortunately having been through the YRUU program, we examined a lot of these sort of questions and compared opinions to help grow our own ideas in the UU “search for truth and meaning.” In fact, I think these two ideas are quite different and it is crucial to recognize they (more…)

New UUA Brand

You may recall that I wrote a list of reactions to a wide variety of Unitarian Universalist logos from a design perspective. Not long after, the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations released its new logo, in partnership with the Boston branding agency Proverb, and people started asking me what I thought of the new UUA logo. I feel this is dangerous territory for designers to get into – (more…)

Pre-spring Blacksburg

Spring is coming – I wake to find the hills draped in mountain mist, a cloud sweeping by. Thumpy music emanates from my neighbor’s apartment in celebration. The sweet air curls in the window with that cool gray-brown breath of grass not yet wakened from winter, but green is coming. The silent sounds outside, the stillness of cautious birds rejoicing in a welcome to spring (more…)