Unitarian Universalist Logo Rant

Two of my passions are logo design and UUism. I love reducing an image down to a few strokes or shapes, hopefully one with some clever meaning, and I love the little chunks of typography that go into setting a name in a hopefully unique and identifiable way. I love Unitarian Universalism’s “be excellent to each other” attitude and the passion for making the world a better, more (more…)

Leaving Rochester

A lot of you already know that I’ve gotten a job in Blacksburg, which is in southwestern Virginia. It’s a town of about 42,000 in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and is home to Virginia Tech as well as increasing number of startup-type companies, and lots of outdoor activities. The job is at NewCity, a great little interactive agency with high standards for themselves and for their clients, and a great sense of (more…)

Holidays by Preference

So with Thanksgiving coming up, I’ve been doing some thinking in good Unitarian fashion as to what holidays I would like to celebrate – which ones would I find personally meaningful, without relation to what the population at large celebrates? A friend was just telling me about how important “Gettysburg Address Day” is to him (did you know we just passed the 150th anniversary btw?), (more…)

Blue Boat Home

I mentioned in passing that I’m learning a new song – “Blue Boat Home” by Peter Mayer – for my singing lessons. I love the song, it’s probably one of my favorite Unitariany songs, though admittedly the version I’m familiar with is Priscilla Herdman‘s cello-heavy arrangement. To help me learn to sing more expressively, my teacher asked me to remember the song is poetry, and to “write a (more…)

Life Update

Life has been pretty reasonable lately. It fluctuates between periods of tedium and elation depending largely on whether I’m doing things with my friends, but as you can probably tell from the blog posts, the sunny side has been largely winning, and I’ve been getting a lot of mental stimulation to write about. (more…)


Although many people look down on it or consider it heretical, tarot has been a big influence on my life since I was about eleven, when my dad did my first reading for me. Although I profess the more atheist view of the cards, saying that they are basically inkblot tests to see what rises to the front of your mind, sometimes I feel that they are a little too on target to be just cards and ink. (more…)

Hell & Forgiveness

I have some thoughts about the afterlife for those of us who aren’t saints. Or at least some opinions on the Christian view of this matter. For the moment, I’ll talk about the traditional monotheistic God who loves us all. I’ve talked some with Ariana about her beliefs as one of the most Christian people I know, and whenever we get into (more…)

First U Photos

I took some pictures of First Unitarian of Rochester last weekend. I was there really early to help with a couple of church things and decided to take advantage of that and show up a bit extra early to get some pictures before the congregation arrived. Although it’s November, the day was pretty warm, the grass was pretty green, and the sky was about as blue as it gets in cloudy Rochester. I tried to take advantage of my excess time to try different exposure settings, although (more…)