Frank Lloyd Wright Home

My parents came up to visit a few weeks ago for my birthday, and we had a nice visit to the Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio in Oak Park.

It was really interesting to see the home he built for his family, especially from the point of view of a designer. He had quite a lot of fascinating ideas, but they only developed over time, as is clear in the home. Some parts are very familiar as part of (more…)

Sea Shanties in SF

500+ photos from a folk festival over Labor Day weekend has really been slowing me down! Since I really didn’t take too many photos on my trip to San Francisco, I’ll just skip ahead to that and come back when I’ve finally culled and processed all the photos from the Fox Valley Folk Fest. (more…)

Visting with the bro

I went down to Charleston to visit my brother for the weekend before Thanksgiving and watch large amounts of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I got a lot of knitting done. We had a good visit with some tasty food, and the weather Saturday was really gorgeous, so we went for a walk around the park near the nuclear school where he’s been doing training. I haven’t really spent much time in the real South, so (more…)

Charlotte Beach Photos

I was up visiting Rochester at the end of August for some good adventures including singing and yarn-seeking and a pig roast. Took a lot of photos I’m quite happy with at Charlotte Beach along Lake Ontario. The weather was pleasant and sunny, but a thunderstorm blew up while I was taking photos of a seagull out on the pier and a hasty retreat was required. (more…)

Visit to Chicago

As Maurice was getting married there, I made a trip to Chicago. It was a good time to see Ben H, Lillian, and Fred for the first time in quite a while, and I took pictures. I also had adventures with a German woman in Starbucks who wanted to tell me all about her travels and observations on Americans when she found out I spoke German… That was interesting. (more…)

Back to the ROC II

Sunday was pretty quiet and included a visit to First Unitarian, which was good, if somewhat weird since I’ve been gone quite a while now, and most people were at General Assembly. Otherwise, it was very hot, so there was a trip to cool down at an oddly-juxtaposed gelato shop / African art gallery/store on Park Ave. (more…)